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Where to Enter My Gift Certificate Code?


There is no gift certificate code to enter. The code that is entered on the checkout is not for gift certificates, it is for discount coupons. Gift certificates work differently.

In the email you received from us about the gift certificate you will find there is a link. You need to click on this link in the email and that will take you to, it may ask you to login if you are not already logged in. That is accepting the gift voucher. Then it will add the gift certificate amount to your gift certificate balance.

If you have a gift certificate balance then when you go to the checkout page that balance will be displayed with a checkbox 'use gift certificate balance'. So if you check that box the gift certificate amount will be subtracted from the order total on checkout.

If you are still having problems please copy the gift certificate email and send it to us using the customer support helpdesk and we will sort it out for you.

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