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My credit card is not being accepted at


At we accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and JCB cards. We can accept credit cards, debit cards and gift cards as long as they have one of these logos on them and they have a CVV card verification number. We do not accept other cards.

The billing address, the expiry date, the name printed on the card and the CVV card verification number all need to be correctly entered. So if you are having problems please carefully check all the information you have entered.

We submit the information and it is ultimately your bank who decide if they will accept the charge or not.

If you have one of the types of card listed above and it is not being accepted at even though you are entering all correct information please call your bank and ask them why they are not authorizing the transaction. It is your bank, not us, who decide if they will accept the transaction or not.

If your bank tells you there is no problem with the card and they are not declining the transaction then please contact support through the help desk and we will investigate the issue further for you.

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