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Little Krishna DVDs Not Working on DVD Player (North America)

Solution As stated in the description on the product page here (, the Little Krishna DVDs are in PAL format.

In the US and Canada the television system is NTSC. Most DVD players will also play PAL format, but there are some that will not. So if your DVD player will not play the Little Krishna DVDs, it is likely you have one of the DVD players that can not play the PAL disks. They will play on your computer as long as your computer can play DVDs and they will play also on most of the very inexpensive DVD players that you can get from Best Buy or other electronics stores for around $20. If you want to do this, what we suggest is to take one of the DVDs with you and test it in the player before you buy it in the store.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. These DVDs are quite enjoyable, and you will likely agree it is worth the extra effort to be able to watch them.

Jai Sri Krishna!
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