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Tracking Says My Package is Still in India


Your package is not in India, it left India on the last 'Insert item into bag" date on the tracking.

It takes a few days then it will arrive in your country. Registered Mail online tracking is not available in every country. So if there is no more tracking information don't worry. It means your countries mail service is not able to track the registered mail packages in your country.

Typically packages arrive within two weeks but they can take longer, occasionally it can take a month or a bit more. It depends on how long your countries mail service takes to process the package through customs and deliver it to you.

For more information on the location of your package please inquire directly from your local postal service and give them the tracking number. They have your package and they are the only ones who can tell you were it is at the moment.

Our customer support representatives only have the tracking information that is available online. So if there is no online tracking then you need to inquire directly from your local post office.


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